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Learn   To   FEEL
While You STEER

The modules are covered in accordance with RMS guideline and each learner needs to understand what is involved in these. Whether it is Reverse Parking or Observation or Positioning or Decision Making instructor will pass on the knowledge and learners will use it in the lessons to turn that knowledge into a skill. Instructors will take the learners through certain road or traffic situations, which, in loops, will build the confidence in learners' minds.

Feel free to click on the module blocks to see the module objectives and rationales.

If you have driven a car before you may need few selected modules, For example, Hand over Hand Steering, Decision Making, Lane Changing etc.

A quick assessment is useful to determine the learner’s strengths and weaknesses. Depending on the analysis the recommended modules can be discussed and agreed. In order to estimate duration and cost please press the button below:
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If you are experienced driver going for test soon, you may proceed towards Module 20.