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While You STEER

Learner's previous experience, current level of driving skill, and future plan for appearing into a driving test will be focused to determine relevant price packs for driving lessons. Under 25s will have discount rates for Log Book Hour pack. Bundle packs offer cheaper per hour rate for 5 /10 hour driving lesson.



Casual Pack

Regular Hourly rate is $55

This pack is more useful to learners, who need very few corrections and usually have a family/friends vehicle for practice. They apply the learnings in their own time and build the desired habits in their driving.


Bundle Pack

Hourly rates are $52 for 5hrs & $50 for 10hrs. 

5 hr  package would cost $260 (Payable on 1st lesson)

10 hr package would cost $500 (Payable in 2 installments; $300 on 1st hour; $200 on 5th hour)

The Bundle Pack provides comprehensive knowledge transfer to prepare experienced drivers. Mostly suited for learners going for a test soon or learners with overseas driving experience.

Log Book Pack

Total 10 hr lesson price is $500
($300 payable on 1st lesson, $200 on 5th hour)

This is the most popular pack among log book drivers (U-25), these 10 hrs add 30 hrs on logbook.

Also it is useful for drivers, who are not confident enough but needs to learn fast to appear in driving test within 1 or 2 months.


Test Pack

Test pack price is $150

This includes -
     1 hr for mock test before RMS Test
     Plus Rental of the car for RMS Test

Stress can become a big hurdle in passing the test at first attempt. Going through this testing environment that stress level can be successfully minimised for the RMS Test.