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Welcome!  Learn from RMS accredited Driving Instructors in either Automatic or Manual car!!   We offer driving lessons 7 days!!!  Flexible Price package available in line with learner driving skills and requirements!!!!   First Go Guarantee!!!!! (conditions apply)


Multiple challenge - Learning to drive involves getting used to manage more than one challenge simultaneously.

Perception management – While sitting on the driving seat we may not see the corner of the car but we will feel where the corner is. Over time a beginner will develop that feeling in his/her mind about the corners.

Mind game – Driving is not only about manoeuvring the car controls.  A part of driving is also about how you consider different factors in and around you to make the right decision at the right moment. You will judge on a Give Way intersection by estimating how far the incoming car is, how fast it is approaching, if it is slowing down or changing direction etc.

As your local driving school in Western Sydney - Highway Driver Education will focus on the area and traffic conditions to best deliver the driving lessons. The following suburbs are currently prioritised before serving to our other surrounding neighbourhoods:

Bidwill, Blackett, Blacktown, Claremont Meadows, Colebee, Colyton, Cranebrook, Dean Park, Doonside, Emerton, Emu Plains, Glendenning, Hassall Grove, Hebersham, Jordan Springs, Lethbridge Park, llandilo, Minchinbury, Mount Druitt, Oakhurst, Penrith, Plumpton, Quakers Hill, Ropes Crossing, Rooty Hill, Shalvey, St Clair, St Mary's, The Ponds, Tregear, Whalan, Wilmott, Woodcroft, Werrington, Werrington County, Werrington Downs.

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Under 25 never driven before


Experienced driver going for test / Overseas Licence conversion

Over 40 never driven before


Why we are termed as best driving instructors

  • ​​Patient - We welcome mistakes so that learners can learn from those. We are not heard of losing temper ever as we commend our students' effort  and acknowledge that learning is not a one day event - it is a process.

Enjoyable Experience- Learners will get involved with relevant driving exercises, which will be mixed up to facilitate knowledge absorption, so that the driving experience does not get monotonous.

We don't just tell, we explain - A few times our learners gave us feedback that in our sessions we simply had not said do this and do that - we had explained the justification and relevant implication surrounding all particular rules or methods.

Student-Instructor rapport - The learners mentioned that we transfer the positive feeling into them successfully, which builds trust and confidence in their ability to learn.